July 2017 Availability: 99.99%

Service Uptime for the previous year:

July 2017 99.99%
June 2017 100.00%
May 2017 100.00%
April 2017 100.00%
March 2017 100.00%
February 2017 100.00%
January 2017 100.00%
December 2016 100.00%
November 2016 100.00%
October 2016 100.00%

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Resolved: Transient access impact for some clients
All systems are back to normal


July 5, 2017 8:17pm MST – Our platform monitoring shows that the small loss of traffic noticed earlier (at the time of the issue report) is no longer present, which means that …

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Resolved: Delay in sending emailsPartial service interruption


September 6th 3:52pm MDT SendGrid has sent the remaining backlog of emails.

September 6th 3:30pm MDT Our email provider, SendGrid, is currently experiencing latency issues which is impacting the delivery of our emails. We …

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RESOLVED: Occurrence of chat routing inconsistenciesAll systems are back to normal


Feb. 24 8:07am Mountain time Our hosting provider has replaced the server component at the root cause of the small bursts of errors 10 minutes ago. If you still experience some chat routing …

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Chat Portal Issue Resolved
Issue has been resolved

2:50 am Mountain time We have addressed the Chat Portal issue not showing the visitor new messages. We received confirmation that all messages are showing now. No need to reload or sign in again, you should …

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Chat Portal connectivity outage
All systems are back to normal


Root cause analysis summary:

Our real-time communication service provider completed their root cause analysis of the issue which caused the Chat Portal connectivity outage on the late afternoon of June 23rd. Here is the short …

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Analytics Reporting Issues Resolved
All systems go

Post Incident Follow-up Our service provider provided a solution to this issue which we put into place that has been running without trouble for the last few days.

4:29 pm We have received word from our …

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Service issue resolved.

1:00 pm We are in touch with our service providers and are working on a resolution.

1:29 pm We received a fix from our messaging providing. This change requires a code update. We are doing it now …

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issues have been resolved

September 3rd 2014 – 5:14 pm Mountain time

The issue with accessing the sign page at https://snapengage.com/signin has been resolved.

September 3rd 2014 – 4:55 pm Mountain time

We’re currently investing an issue when people …

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This issue is now resolved

6:55 am Resolved
Everything is back to normal.

5:25 am Error rate is down to 1%
We are getting really close to being back to normal.

4:00 am update:
Our hosting provider is still working …

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[02/22/2014 1:58pm MDT] Resolved:All systems are back to normal

Google is reporting the Google Talk problems have been resolved.

The problem with Google Talk should be resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and continued support. Please rest assured that

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This issue is now resolved.All systems are back to normal

Most recent update:
2:00pm SnapEngage is back up and running
We are working with Google to understand what caused this outage, and to ensure it will not happen again. We will publish a postmortem here …

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[10:31am MDT] – This issue is now resolved.All systems are back to normal

Google provided the technical details on this Google AppEngine platform outage:

The issue that occurred today occurred when we moved your app from one datacenter to another, due to an underlying Bigtable

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Chat functionality was unaffected.All systems are back to normal

This issue is now considered Resolved.

Over the past two days we have seen two very short-term outages (less than 15 minutes) on this family of websites (including the home page, support page, blog, …

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This issue is now considered Resolved.All systems are back to normal

Google confirmed the issue was a momentary technical problem. Service is running smoothly again. Sorry for the 10 minutes of service disruption.

Around 11:15pm, we started seeing an interruption of service from our service …

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This issue is now considered Resolved.All systems are back to normal

It appears this was only a momentary hiccup. Service seems to be running smoothly again. We will continue to investigate what caused this problem, and make steps toward fixing it for the future.

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InformationWe are proud of our >99.98% uptime stats, but like any internet-based business, we sometimes (read: infrequently) experience unexpected service interruptions.

In the name of greater transparency, and better customer service, we have created this blog so you can get …

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