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Visitor chat routing issue

On November 6, 2017 / In , / by

Resolved – Connection issues
All systems are back to normal



Nov 7 2:40AM MST – The processing of the backlog of chats in the waiting queue from yesterday’s outage has been cleared at this point.The chat queuing management is back to normal now, without further side effects of yesterday’s outage.

Nov 7 1:30AM MST – The real time platform has been back to normal for the past 10 hours, but the systems are still cleaning up queued chats that accumulated and were not processed during the outage. The rate of processing is much lower than we anticipated, and we are working to accelerate this cleanup. For clients having the chat auto disabled when the queue size reaches a threshold, it is advised to turn this option off until the catch-up has been completed.

Nov 6 3:44PM MST – The issue has been resolved as of 3:34pm and we will continue to monitor. Users may experience slowness as the systems process some backlog of data.

Nov 6 3:33PM MST – The Google Engineering Team believes they have identified the root cause of the errors and is working to mitigate. We are starting to see chats come through on and we will continue to monitor and update this post. We recommend having agents clear their cache and cookies and don’t forget to re-enable the online button if you disabled it.


Nov 6 2:37PM MST – We are still waiting for a fix from Google App Engine If you would like to disable the online button and just display the offline button you can do so in the admin dashboard by going to Settings > Agent Settings and scroll down and uncheck Enable Chat. This will just show the offline button to visitors. *Make sure to recheck it once the issue is resolved. 


Nov 6 2017 2:00PM MST – We are getting reports of chats not going through. This issue is linked to a Google Cloud memcache issue and we are working with Google to get the latest information. Stay tuned for updates. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Agent status issues

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Fixed – Agents are not currently able to sign out of the chat portal.


Sept 29 2017 11:00AM MST – The issue has been fixed. Agents with incorrect status have to come back online to clear this out unfortunately or admins can set them to pause in the Admin Dashboard.

Sept 29 2017 10:15AM MST – We […]

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Monthly Uptime Overview

On August 17, 2017 / In / by Abby Schmautz

Service Uptime:

July 22′ 100%
June 22′ 100%
May 22′ 100%
Avril 22′ 100%
March 22′ 100%
February 22′ 100%
January 22′ 100%
December 21′ 100%
November 21′
(partial disruption to European hosted customers only for 1.5 hour)
October 21′ 100%
September 21′ Read More