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(Last Updated On: December 13, 2016)

Solved: Issues with Agent Status

                          Updated 12/13/2016All systems are back to normal


We have had a small number of reports about agent statues showing the incorrect status. Example; an agent is available online but is not getting chats because in the admin dash they still show as paused. The dev team is working on a fix but here is a temporary solution for this.

Have your admin go into the admin dashboard, click on Settings > Agent Settings > Chat Agents and then choose the agent with the issue and click Edit on the right hand side. In here you will be able to switch the agent into available or pause. This will correct the issue moving forward.

Update: The issue originally occurred between Dec 8-9th, which was quickly fixed. We did not anticipate however that some agents not having logged in after this issue would carry over incorrect statuses. We performed some small updates, but there were still some invalid statuses until the point we setup a monitoring solution to fix and correct the remaining few agent account status still stuck back in time.

We will continue monitoring, but we expect the issue to be fully addressed now.


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Please check back to see when this issue is solved.

Published December 13, 2016